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Student Registration

Al Nahda National School believes in providing an excellent international education through its American and British programmers to meet the needs, interests and abilities of all students and inspire them to become life-long learners. The school stresses academic achievement and believes in fostering the intellectual, physical, personal and social development of students in a supportive and caring multicultural learning environment.

  • Registration is through the school's website only and we will not accept registration in person.
  • Scan all the papers and attachments to be included in the application for registration
  • All photo attachments must be in color and we will not accept black and white photographs.
  • All documents for registration must be duly certified as described in the school's web site.
  • File attachments to be uploaded should have the following extensions: gif.pdf.jpg.
  • Please note that enquiring online does not guarantee your child admission to the school you have applied to.